How to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status | 5 easy steps

How to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval (Online, Mobile and offline)

Hello guy’s! Welcome to today’s article on how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status.
Are searching for how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status, search no more this article is for you.
The NIRSAL microfinance bank has reacted to the enquiries of vast arrays of Nigerians that appear to be in the dark over the approval of their COVID-19 NIRSAL loan requests.
First of all, you should take note of the following the steps to resolve it:
There’s need for you to always check your status to ascertain if you are still on the correct path to receiving your covid-19-support loan.
Do this before you can fully access the portal for COVID-19 loan.
However, you should have a profile with the platform before proceeding.
In short, this simply means that you must have previously applied when the online registration is on.
Above all, you can only log in if you have created your profile with NIRSAL loan.
Secondly, the Nirsal Loan will only be approve and disbursed to those who are considered qualified applicants.
There are legit steps and legit links that applicants need to follow to check their COVID-19 loan status:
Nevertheless, from initial guidelines, the first step to take is to carefully go through your email address.
Those individuals who got their loan requests granted will receive emails proving that they have been granted access to the loan.
Above all, after the online application, there’s still no active mail to show that your COVID-19 loan has been approved.
To get this right, then carefully check via the link on this blog post.

how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status (Complete guide)
NIRSAL microfinance USSD code for balance *646#.

Introduction | How to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status online (What to do)

This is a complete guide on how to check Nirsal Loan status in 6 easy steps.
But, before we proceed, let’s find out what is NIRSAL Microfinance loan platforms and how it works.

What is Nirsal loan and how does it work

The Nirsal microfinance loan platform is one of the best loan platforms found as a support group for businesses ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Especially from small to medium-sized companies across the country (Nigeria as a whole).
Everyone or small medium and large business affected by the pandemic can easily apply for this loan, and you can obtain from 250,000 to 25 million Naira respectively.
This basically makes this loan one of the most beneficial top sought-after types of loan in Nigeria.
Nevertheless, a lot of people don’t know how to check their COVID-19 loan statuses.
However, to apply is one thing, but you’ll be needed to regularly check your Nirsal loan status.
Especially to know if your NIRSAL COVID-19 loan application has been approved or not;
This is basically the reason why we put this information together.
Importantly, we’ll discuss extensively how to check your Nirsal loan status on mobike.
In addition, we’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding to COVID 19 loan.
So guy’s, stay glued and pay very close attention to get the most out of it.

Overview Of the Nirsal Microfinance Loan Platform (What you should know)

The Nigerian government took her time to creat the NIRSAL loan platform to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The NIRSAL loan microfinance bank has already commenced the disbursement of the COVID-19 Credit Facility for the year.
In fact, this simply means that applicants can proceed to check their status online to know if theirs was approved.

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However, it is expedient to point out that all applicant that applied for this loan must check their loan status online.

Categories of NIRSAL loan (COVID-19 loan)

You can check your loan especially through the following two categories below;
1. The Small and medium-sized enterprise
2. The Households and individuals ventures
Nevertheless, when checking your Nirsal microfinance loan status, one of the categories must be put in consideration.
This simply means that, you must check through one of the following categories listed above for clarity.
However, the first one is for those that applied for the NIRSAL loan as small pe medium-sized businesses.
The loan amount they usually apply for is higher, be it as it may.
The second one here is typical for people that applied theirs as individuals and as a group of people respectively.
Especially when checking for your Nirsal Mfb loan status, quickly go to their website and indicate the category for which you’re opting for
In addition, this microfinance NIRSAL loan was introduced by the federal government for agricultural aids.
Especially through the CBN to serve as a relief for Nigerian citizens across the country.
Furthermore, If you haven’t applied for this NIRSAL loan, go ahead and apply and know that there is no need for any collateral security at all.
Therefore ensure that the details you provide during your loan application process are hundred percent correct.
This is because the details will be assessed before your loan will be checked, approved, and when logging in to their portal.
You’ll need to tender some of your previous details verification.
In short, this is basically why it is crucial not to lose any vital information at all.
Nevertheless, we’ll proceed to the main section of this blog post…
Which is typically how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status.
So guy’s, stay tuned and pay very maximum attention.

How to check NIRSAL Loan Status (What to do)

Here are the step by step guide on how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status;
However, there are many ways of checking the NIRSAL loan status, but we’ll focus on checking the NIRSAL loan status using Bank Verification Number (BVN).
This method of checking nirsal covid-19 loan approval status with bvn is faster, more efficient, and more reliable.
Basically, all you need to do is to simply follow the following steps below;

Step one:

The first thing you’re to do is to go straight to the NIRSAL bank official loan portal.
Once you’re there, the next thing you’re to do is to click on the COVID-19 support link before you.
Which is seen in the top right-hand corner of NIRSAL Microfinance bank loan portal.

Step two:

Now, carefully tap on the “click here to provide other accounts” before you.
Then when you do so, and it’ll take you to a new interface showing the two categories we’re referring above.
Which are basically the household and small to medium size businesses as the case may be.

Step three:

Now, carefully tender necessary information and choose the category you applied for.
In short, if it is the household category, simply click on it to proceed.
Also, if it is the other category as well, click on it too and proceed, be it as it may.
Futhermore, you’ll be required to provide your 11- digit BVN number to check if your loan approval status was successful.
In fact, if your loan approval is successful, it’ll basically take you to the next page, to proceed.
However, this is where you’ll typically see the amount of loan approved for you as an individual or as a business body.
Also, the terms and conditions of the agreement, and a place for you to fill in your bank details, will there for proper filling..
To cap it up, that is if you agree to the terms and condition, immediately after filling your bank details, your loan will be credited to you seamlessly without fail.

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How To Know If Your NIRSAL Loan Application Was Not Successful (Reasons and solutions)

This is simply a two-method process generally.
Even though we have discussed the first one and the second one is knowing if your loan application process wasn’t successful…
Ths is crucial to stop wasting your energy and reapply for another year.
Above all, for you to know if your loan application wasn’t successful, also check steps below;
– First of all, thing you really need to go straight to the NIRSAL microfinance bank official portal
– Then next on the list is to click on the COVID-19 support link, which is usually found in the top right-hand corner respectively.
– After that, you can confidently tap on the >> “click here to provide other accounts” without delay.
Now, it will take you to a new fresh interface showing the two categories we have discussed above.
Which have been identified as household and small to medium size businesses enterprise.
Secondly, carefully move to choose the category you applied for.
However, if it’s the household category, simply tap on it.
Also, if it is the other category, just tap on it and proceed as well.
In addition, you u will be asked to type in your 11- digit BVN to check if your loan approval was successful.
If your loan was unsuccessful, a message reads as seen below;
Dear customer “This BVN Detail Does Not Exist.” bold and clear for your comprehension…
Nevertheless, a lot of people didn’t check their NIRSAL loan status through their BVN.
Some on the other hand received a confirmation sms from the NIRSAL confirming that their loan approval Success.
But in a situation that you didn’t receive any sms at all, you can use the steps outlined above to check your loan approval status.
Note: For some of you applying through the household category, click here to access the portal;
Also, for those applying through SME, click here to access the portal respectively.

Who to contact for NIRSAL COVID-19 loan.

For further inquiry, questions and clarity, kindly call the number below
In short, if your loan approval is unsuccessful, you can apply the following year, no need to call NIRSAL customer care.
However, there’s no limit to the number of times you can reapply until your loan gets approved by NIRSAL microfinance bank.
Nevertheless, immediately after approval, you can no longer apply for this same loan be it as it may.
Importantly, the next steps we be discuss is some of the most frequently asked questions on this covid 19 loan.
Simply stay connected as we explore some challenges people may face on this quest of getting NIRSAL loan.


Here are the frequently asked questions on how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status.

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Question .1 How do I check my Nirsal account number on phone?

Answer: This is very simple for you to know your NIRSAL account number on your mobile phon.
All you need to contact the NMFB is to dail the ussd for checking NIRSAL account number.
This is key, especially when it comes to your loan repayment plans and schedules, be it as it may.
However, always remember that they aren’t giving you a loan for free, and you will pay it back for sure.
This singular reasons alone is why you need to choose flexible terms of the agreement, before requesting for loan.

Question .2 How do I access my NMFB account on mobile?

For existing NMFB account holders, you must click on the sign up button; of which you to enter your NIRSAL account number.
However, carefully enter this as your username alongside with your registered mobile number respectively.
In fact, this basically means that you should enter the phone number you used in opening this account.
Then Click on the registration button, once you have done this, follow the instructions accordingly.
This will enable you to generate a unique pin and a password for your transactions.

Question.3 How can I check all my loan details on my phone without bvn?

Answer: The most realistic and reliable way to check all your loan details at once is through the online portal regardless.
Nevertheless, all you need to do is to go to the NIRSAL bank’s official website.
You can easily see this under product sections, there you’ll see the loan icon as well.
So carefully click on the loan icon and it will direct you to a personal loan interface.
There, click on it as well, and it will direct you to a new page to deal seamlessly.
Also bear in mind that you can equally click on login, and using your unique login details…
It’s no longer news that you can view all your loan statements and agreements easily.


Thanks for taking your time to read about NIRSAL microfinance loan.
Hope are able to know all about how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status?
Basically, we have clearly shown you how to check your NIRSAL status in 6 simple steps seamlessly.
We are also confident that you can do that by following everything clearly explained in this article.
Meanwhile, feel free to ask your questions via comments section if you have any at all.
We shall respond swiftly to all your questions without fail.
Nevertheless, navigating the intricacies of loan approval can be a crucial step in accessing financial support as well.
Especially during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic during that 2019 ending to 2022.
For people seeking the NIRSAL COVID-19 loan facility, understanding the approval process is very paramount.
To cap it up, staying current about the status of your NIRSAL COVID-19 loan approval is vital for all.
Especially for effective financial planning and decision-making generally in the banking industry.
In conclusion, by following the outlined steps and leveraging available resources, you have nothing to fear.
In fact, all applicants can ensure that they’re up to date with the latest information regarding their loan approval.
As we navigate through these unprecedented times, having access to timely updates on financial assistance.
Which basically stands to prove to be a valuable asset in managing uncertainties and fostering economic resilience.


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