How to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval | Step by step guide

How to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval | Complete guide 

Hello guy’s, welcome to how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval approval status

Anxious of how to check your NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan approval status on your mobile devices.

Note: NIRSAL Microfinance Bank has made it clear to the enquiries of several Nigerians that appear to be in confusion.

Standing their ground over the approval of their COVID-19 NIRSAL loan requests and it’s repayment schedule.

Things you need to note as NIRSAL loan beneficiary

First thing first, you should take note of the following for better understanding.

In fact, there’s every need for you to always check your status to confirm if you are still on the right path with NIRSAL loan.

However, to receiving your covid-19-support loan, you should be up to date with COVID-19 loans terms and conditions.

Nevertheless, before you can access the NIRSAL portal login, you should have a profile with the platform.

This basically means that you must have initially applied when the online registration exercise was going on seamlessly.

Therefore, you can only log in if you have created your profile with NIRSAL microfinance bank previously.

how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval status (Complete guide)
NIRSAL microfinance USSD code for balance *646#.

How To Check Your NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan Approval Status (What you should know)

In addition to the above, the Nirsal Microfinance Loan will only be disbursed to those who are qualified anf successful applicants.

Nevertheless, below are the steps and links that interested applicants need to follow to check their NIRSAL loan status:

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Secondly, from previous guidelines and recommendation, the first step to take is to carefully go through your emails inbox.

These is because, those who got their loan requests granted will receive emails notifications indicating that they have gotten the loan.

In short, if after checking and verifying after the online application, and there’s still no mail to show that your loan has been approved…

Don’t panic, just click here ( to proceed.

Alternatively, visit and continue with the promptings on the screen.

So guy’s, in case you can’t remember the category of NIRSAL loan you had applied for, check below to verify.

NIRSAL microfinance loan categories

The two major and primary loan categories available are as follows;

1. Small medium enterprise (SME) or

2. Individual or Households ( the most frequently demanded.

In addition, you need to verify your NIRSAL microfinance account by submitting your BVN.

Then, if you are very lucky to have been approved for the loan, you will see a clear pop up window.

A window will pop open showing you the amount approved for you by the NIRSAL Microfinance management.

Secondly, the next thing for you to do is to claim your loan and start rooting for your business.

To do this, simply provide your bank details and information in the correct format, without making mistakes.

There is usually enough space for that on the portal.

Yes, the final and ideal step is to locate the terms and conditions required for the loan as quickly as possible before proceeding.

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After that, you can now read and understand every aspect of it, be it as it may.

You will as well understand the director in charge of your payment and his/her details, and the procedure for repaying the loan.

how to check nirsal loan with bvn on phone all you need
Repayment of loan

How to repay the NIRSAL COVID-19 Loan | Step by step

Outside of the expectations of some notable applicants that the loan is non-repayable as the portray.

The Nigerian federal government authorities has warned everyone that the loan must be repaid by successful applicants.

Conclusion | How to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval

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