How to check visa status in kuwait | Comprehensive guide

Step by step guide on how to check visa status in kuwait (What you should know)

Hello guy’s! Welcome to today’s article on how to check visa status in kuwait with passport number and others.

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Anxious of how to check visa status in kuwait online using your phone or other devices?

Worry not, within this space we will be unveiling to you the hidden secrets on how to check visa status in kuwait for free.

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How to check visa status in kuwait (step by step)
Kuwait MOI


Guy’s, navigating the intricacies of visa applications and their statuses is crucial for individuals planning to travel to Kuwait especially Nigerians.

However, whether you’re eagerly awaiting approval or want to confirm your visa status, don’t panic at all.

Importantly, understanding the process of checking visa status in Kuwait is essential for every young man and woman.

Therefore, this guide will basically walk you through the steps that’s you need to follow in achieving your travelling goals.

As well as, will provide you with valuable insights to ensure a smooth and ideal experience as you progress in life.

Nevertheless, staying up to date with your visa status in Kuwait is paramount for a stress-free travel experience.

So guy’s, by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily check your visa status and address any concerns promptly.

Above all, always remember that staying proactive and well-informed will contribute to a successful and enjoyable stay in Kuwait.

As well as being free from unnecessary hassles that have to do with Kuwait visa matters.

Safe travels as we journey together! Kuwait Visa Status

Kuwait Ministry of Interior visa (all you need to know)
Kuwait visa price

The Kuwait Visa Status Overview | What you should know

Kuwait, renowned for its historical landmarks and vibrant attractions, attracts numerous visitors annually be it as it may.

However, whether for tourism, gaming, employment, or education, navigating the intricacies of Kuwait’s visa procedures is essential.

Therefore, to ensure a smooth experience, individuals must be well-versed in checking their Kuwait visa status without fail.

Yes, especially within a process that can be accomplished both online and offline at your comfort zones…

That is to say that, the understand here is key and golden.

Understanding Kuwait Visa Status and how it works

No joke’s at all, the Kuwait visa status serves as a vital indicator of the application’s progress for all applicants.

Therefore, basically given the diverse stages in visa processing, every applicants can plan their travel arrangements accordingly.

In fact, the timeline for visa processing varies, spanning from a few days to up to 30 days, maximum.

Note, this is usually depending on the application type and it’s terms and conditions.

Kuwait visa check by passport number India-step by stepKuwait Ministry of Interior visa (All you need to know)

Kuwait e-Visa price and how to apply

Importantly, it’s no longer news that the State of Kuwait represented by the Ministry of Interior is presenting an e-Visa issuing service.

Therefore, for all interested applicants should visit the official website via

For individuals and strangers to Kuwait for the first time may issue a visiting e-Visa using the MOI portal.

Ways of checking Kuwait Visa Status:

There are basically two major ways or methods of checking Kuwait Visa Status across the globe.

These methods of checking and verifying Kuwait visa status are as follows.

  • – Checking Kuwait Visa Status Online and;
  • – Checking Kuwait Visa Status offline

Now, let’s take a look at each methods briefly!

Checking Kuwait Visa Status Online (Steps by step guides)

Here are the step by step guide on how one can successfully check his or her Kuwait Visa Status Online.

However, to streamline the process, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Kuwait website offers an online platform for this.

The website aids mainly for tracking visa status and helps you to navigate through for a positive outcome.

Therefore, all applicants can follow these steps to check and resolve their Kuwait Visa Status Online.

1. To begin with, kindly open the official e-visa or MOI website before proceeding.

2. Once you’re able to open it successfully, navigate to the “e-services” option in the top menu and hold on.

3. Now, from the menu, kindly choose >>> “Gen. Dept. of Residency” and then select “e-visa” Respectively without fail, before going to chose enquire e-visa status.

4. Select >>> “Enquire e-Visa Status” and then tap on “Visa Application Status” to proceed as quickly as possible.

5. Finally, enter your visa application number and solve enter the captcha text, and click “Submit” that’s all.

6. View the displayed Kuwait visa status before your very eyes guys.

This is simply how to check your Kuwait Visa Status Online from your phone or other devices.

Checking Kuwait Visa Status Offline (What you should know)

This is one of the interesting and legit method of verifying your Kuwait Visa Status be it as it may.

However, for those preferring offline avenues, visiting the Kuwait Embassy or Consulate in India provides a viable or benefiting option.

In fact, the details for the Embassy in New Delhi and Consulate in Mumbai are as follows for offline verification:

1. Embassy in New Delhi, India:

The physical address of branch:

The address is at Marg Tenzing, Chanakyapuri South West Delhi 110021 Delhi India

Embassy Contact line:

The embassy Contact phone number is; +91011 2410 0791

Email contact:

They are currently working to have one active email for this purpose outside numerous affiliate emails for the same purpose.

So, you can always call on phone for directions or visit them with your details to check, that’s all.

Every interesting, isn’t it?

2. Consulate in Mumbai, India:


The address is at Ground Floor, Vaswani Mansions, No. 120 Dinsha Vachha Road.

Which is ideally opposite K.C College, Churchgate Mumbai 400020 Maharashtra India

Consulate in Mumbai, India Contact:

The contact line or phone number is +91 22 2287 1897

Consulate in Mumbai, India Email contact:

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You can always reach out to them this this email,

So guy, you’re at liberty to choose the methods that’s okay for you to go and verify your kuwait visa application status.

Nevertheless, just remaining current and utilizing the available resources ensures a hassle-free experience.

Importantly, especially when checking Kuwait visa status, both online and offline, be it as it may!

Steps on how to check my Kuwait visa stamping statusHow to check Kuwait Visa Status Offline via immigration officer (what you need to know)

Importantly, an amazing and alternative method to verify Kuwait visa status involves direct interaction with immigration authorities.

Here are the steps for offline verification through direct contact with immigration authorities:

1. Contact Immigration Officials First:

Yes, always initiate communication through email, contact number, or arrange a one-on-one meeting with immigration officials.

This will help you to have full confidence in him and also have who to hold on as things unfolds.

So, send mails and also call your immigration officer be it as it may…

2. Provide Details:

For your own advantage, always furnish essential details when applying or processing your visa.

So furnish information such as passport, application, and reference numbers when in contact with the embassy.

3. Status Confirmation:

This is very key, Immigration officials will cross-check the provided details in their database before you…

After which he or she will promptly furnish the accurate visa status for you.

In short, there and then, they will let you know your visa status as well as your chance of you travelling out.

That’s all, this is simply how to check your kuwait visa status through an immigration officer.

Checking Kuwait Visa Status Using Passport Number (All you need to know)

Yes, this is best for those preferring a passport-centric approach, the following steps can be undertaken seamlessly:

To do this you have to know and have access to MOI Kuwait official website; then you’re good to go!

1. First, visit the official MOI Kuwait Website:

Don’t even listen to any other side talk but simply head to the official MOI Kuwait website for visa inquiries first.

Now, once you are already on the official website, ensure that you navigate to “e-services” Tab carefully.

Then, take your time and scroll down to the “e-services” tab section to select Gen.


2. Select “Gen. Dept. of Residency from the menu”:

As quickly as possible, ensure you choose the “Gen. Dept. of Residency button” option and proceed immediately.

Then access the “e-visa” section seamless without any form of restriction.

Once you have successfully chosen it, hold on a bit before going to the next step.

3. Enquire e-Visa Status:

Now, go for the “Enquire e-Visa Status” option, and quickly enter the passport number and relevant details.

Then, after entering the relevant details click on the “Submit button” and wait patiently.

4. Retrieve Information:

Finally, the MOI portal will promptly display the precise information regarding the Kuwait visa stay.

This is simply how to check Kuwait visa status using passport number from the MOI website on your phone.

Major Kuwait Visa Application Rejection ( Reason and Solutions):

Here are the common and major Kuwait visa application rejection and what to do to resolve it under 24 hours.

In fact, the Kuwait embassy upholds stringent visa rejection policies, with several common reasons for application denial:

Just as the same way my cousin brother received his rejection Visa from Netherlands six months ago.

1. Incorrect Visa Application:

Rejection may occur due to inaccuracies in the visa application form, that’s why it’s necessary to know what you’re applying for.

The knowing makes things easy for you and increases your chances of getting the visa approved.

2. Incomplete Documentation:

Very important, improper or incomplete submission of required documents can lead to rejection.

That’s is why is good to get all your documents and vital information before opting for kuwait visa.

3. Delayed Visa Submission:

You normally hear people say “delay is dangerous” yes, failure to adhere to the specified timeframe for visa submission results in automatic rejection not minding if you have all that’s required to get the visa.

4. Failed Interview Process:

Funny enough, unsuccessful performance during the interview process is a red flag and common cause for rejection.

Yes, that’s why it’s necessary to research about this that’s have to do with the country you are going for.

Know their currency, their general language and some feel things about reason why you’re traveling out

5. Insufficient Funds:

Yes, having enough fund is key, inadequate funds in the applicant’s account, is already a red flag calling for disqualification.

This is always a top priority as per visa category requirements, of which it can lead to total rejection.

6. Visa Policy Violation:

Integrity must be hundred percent, if you’re not there, you’re not there be it as it may.

Therefore, any kind of violation of visa policies during the stay in Kuwait usually result in rejection and penalties.

7. Poor Medical Record:

Importantly, certain visa categories necessitate a health checkup, and negative health records can lead to rejection.

But this varies and depends on the peculiarity of the visa application.

What to Do If Kuwait Visa Application is Rejected (All you need to know)

In case of visa rejection, individuals can take constructive and ideal steps to get your visa and travel accordingly:

Therefore, below are what to do when ever you’re denied of visa to a particular country, especially in Europe and others.

1. Understand Rejection Reasons:

Don’t just sit down, but carefully analyze the rejection reasons specified by authorities and seek clarification if needed.

After you have known the reasons, ask questions and seek for resolution.

2. Consult Experts:

From time to time, carefully seek guidance from reputable visa consultants to navigate the complexities of the visa process.

Don’t just go and do trials and errors seek for what to do from expert and those already in the system.

3. Correct Previous Mistakes:

Yes, very important to always learn from the rejection reasons to avoid repeating the same errors in future applications.

In fact, if using a consultant, rely on their expertise for a smoother process and gives you an edge of getting it.

Kuwait visa validity check & Kuwait entry visa price
Kuwait visa validity check & Kuwait entry visa price

Insurance guides on how to apply for Kuwait visa

Above all, make up your mind to apply for a Kuwait Visa Again- lastly, it’s time to apply for a Kuwait visa again.

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However, before applying again, gather all your documents and correctly fill out the application form.

In short, it’s best to verify everything twice before making the final submission, especially when it has to do with visa.

Therefore, in case you aren’t sure about anything, then seek guidance and follow it sequentially.

Yes, don’t apply at all until you are very sure of everything you’re going for and how to get it.

Types Of Kuwait Visa For Indian Citizens (And how it works)

The types of visa is dependent on the purpose of the visit, different types of Kuwait visas are offered to Indian nationals daily.

Therefore, the originality and validity of a Kuwait visa varies depending on the intent of the visit and it’s process.

In addition, all applicants can take extensions on their visa in some cases as well, be it as it may.

However, some of them are listed below for our comprehension.

Types of Kuwait visa and how it works

Here are the different kinds of kuwait visa and how the works.

1. Kuwait Tourist Visa

Its no longer news that the very first Kuwait visa category is a Tourist visa issued to individuals coming into the country.

This is basically given to those who want to enter the nation for tourism purposes alone.

For this visa category, Indian nationals have a visa-on-arrival facility too, in other to put things in check.

2. Kuwait Family Visa

This is another popular visa category for Kuwait in general.

Yes this interesting category is a family visa for individuals who have been working or living in Kuwait.

Not just to live there but also want to invite their spouse, children or parents to the country to live with them.

3. Kuwait Visit Visa

This is popular Kuwait visa category is where individuals want to visit their friends or relatives in Kuwait for a while.

Nevertheless, to apply under this category, applicants needs a sponsorship letter from their relative or friends in Kuwait.

Most of the people that I knew that travel out of Nigeria, went through the visiting visa from the friends or family members.

Kuwait visa check by passport number India-step by step

4. Kuwait Work Visa

This is another popular and significant Kuwait visa type, this is where individuals who are eligible and want to work in the country can apply for this visa, be it as it may.

However, they basically need to have a permit from Kuwait’s Ministry of Labour before they can enter the country.

A lot of able and agile individuals normalize choose this in other to make a living.

5. Kuwait Student Visa

Yes, these are another popular visa, therefore, applicants accepted into a Kuwait educational institution can apply for a student visa.

In fact, full acceptance letter from Kuwait’s educational institution is necessary, and can’t do otherwise.

6. Kuwait Transit Visa-

Last but not the least, the Kuwait transit visa is issued to the individual who wants to take a stopover at Kuwait International Airport.

These are people desiring to stop by at the airport while travelling to their actual destination.

In fact, with this Kuwait Transit Visa, individuals can comfortably travel freely at the Kuwait airport to their destination.

Kuwait Visa check original or fake (how to identify all)

Importance Of Travel Insurance While Visiting Kuwait ( What you should know)

While visiting Kuwait as a country, having travelling insurance isn’t a mandatory requirement but an added advantage.

However, it depends on the individual’s requirements and the purpose of traveling in the first place.

Above all, most tourists believe travel insurance offers comfort and security in foreign nations, be it as it may.

In addition, we may not know what kind of challenges one might face away from their home and as they travel.

Therefore, it can be a medical emergency, luggage loss, or anything that will call for getting travelling insurance.

So, considering your heart status and all these challenges, travel insurance at this point is highly recommended.

Note: The Kuwait travel insurance plans have been launched where travellers globally can buy plans based on their travel requirements.

Also, from flight cancellation insurance to trip curtailments to compassionate visit benefits during medical treatment and emergencies seamlessly.

Not just that, it’s oversees various coverages as they are offered under travel insurance plans for you to enjoy.

Furthermore, budget is one of the concerns for travellers, especially individuals traveling out of Africa.

Most people normally shout with their voice that they don’t want a travel insurance plan to put an extra burden on them.

So, that’s why insurance guides has a pocket-friendly international travel insurance plan beginning at ₹40.57.

Not only this, buying a travel insurance plan is a hassle free process with smart insurance guides team.

Traveling manual
Kuwait MOI

How do I know if my visa is rejected (What you should do)?

Importantly, Guy’s! You’ll also be given a letter stating that your application has been denied under 221(g) like my brother got.

The document will carry listing which documents you need to provide or why the offer wasn’t successful.

That’s mainly administrative processing job roles to let you know when it’s successful and when it’s not.

Nevertheless, the consular officer couldn’t conclude if you’re eligible for the visa sought at the moment.

As well as if additional administrative processing of your application is required for you to complete.

What happens after visa is approved without rejection?

Interestingly, you’ll receive your passport from the courier service first, before proceeding to the next step.

Yes, but your visa will be affixed inside your passport for better documentation and identification.

Note: You are to verify the information contained both on the visa and on the letter stapled of the package to ensure that the information is correct and not false at all.

What does current visa status mean and how to check visa status in kuwait?

The world “visa” usually refers to only to the sticker you receive in your passport solely.

Whereas “status is different” and refers to your formal immigration classification in the USA. as documented on one’s I-94 record.

However, it’s absolutely possible to have multiple visas in one’s passport for easy navigation and movement.

But an individual can only have one immigration status while in the U.S or with any of her sister countries.

Steps on how to check visa stamping status of any country

How can I check my passport status without file number | Step by step guide?

To do this, ensure that you make use of the National Call Centre:

Yes, you can always reach out to them by calling the National Call Centre’s toll-free number via 1800-258-1800.

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In fact, a Citizen Service Executive is available from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on a daily basis except otherwise.

Therefore, an Automated Interactive Voice Response is also available 24/7 for you to always reach out seamlessly.

Kuwait visa price (Kwd) | Kuwait entry visa charges

There is no specific price or charges when it comes to Kuwait visa price.

However, the processing fees for Kuwait visa ranges from 4kwd to 10kwd, most times it will be more.

That’s just it!

Kuwait e visa reference number (How to get it)

How can I get visa reference number in Kuwait step by step?

Normally, the Kuwait reference numbers consist of 9 numbers and are located on the back of the civil card uniquely.

In fact the Kuwait reference numbers are specifically seen between the “serial number” and “address”.

Nevertheless, you can as well see the reference number on the entry visa also.

Finally, you can also get this same reference numbers via the unified number on the passport name also.

Conclusion | How to check visa status in kuwait

Kuwait as a country is basically filled with natural attractions and many opportunities for foreign nationals to visit.

Yes, the country is that interesting especially for those who want to work and study there and make a living.

But to enter the Kuwait border isn’t that easy but quite challenging, and individuals must have a proper visa.

In fact, there straightforward, short and flexible processes to apply for a Kuwait visa online and offline.

Apart from this, those who have already applied can quickly check their visa status to be sure of what they’re doing.

Therefore, by simply checking the status, individuals can prepare their travel itinerary, at the comfort of their home.

To cap it up, staying informed about your visa status in Kuwait is paramount for a stress-free travel experience.

So guy’s, by following the steps outlined in this guide, you have nothing to worry on how to check visa status in kuwait.

Hence, you can easily check your visa status and address any concerns promptly by yourself swiftly.

Above all, always remember that staying proactive and well-informed will contribute to a successful and enjoyable stay in Kuwait, free from unnecessary hassles related to visa matters be it as it may!

Therefore, practice all that you have learnt here, as we bid you safe travels into kuwait metropolis!

FAQs | How to check visa status in kuwait

How can I fast track my visa application online and offline?

It’s no longer news that the Super Priority Visa service is the fastest way to secure a visa decision respectively.

However, this particular service will enable eligible customers to make a decision by the end of the next working day.

This possible after their appointment at the visa application centre have pulled through successfully.

This is one of the ways you can fast track your visa application online and offline as well.

Can I check my Kuwait visa stamping status on my own?

With out delay, you can always check visa stamping status online via the official website of the visa issuing authority of the country (Kuwait) you plan to visit.

However, you can always perform a visa status check using your passport number also, be it as it may.

In fact, if that facility isn’t available, then use an application number or reference number to check stamping status.

Is there any fee for checking a Kuwait visa online using my phone?

Just as people normally ask, if there is any fee for checking a Kuwait visa online?

However, there’s no particular fee for checking the Kuwait visa online status, Yes, it all depends on what you’re going for.

Therefore, if the applicant is applying for a visa for any country, they must pay the visa charges no matter how little.

As well as being in a position to pay for processing fee based on the visa category they’re going for.

Can you apply for a Kuwait visa again if the previous application has been rejected | What to do?

Always bear in mind that all applicants whose visa has been rejected earlier can apply for a new Kuwait visa again.

Nevertheless, instant submission of visa applications after rejection is not possible, be it as itmay.

However, applicants need to wait for some time after applying again, in other to stand the chance of getting it…

How can I check my visa status with passport number via online portals | Step by step guides?

Very important and easy via using online portals for visa status verification and confirmation.

Step 1: kindly visit the ICP website as an alternative to MOI portal.

Step 2: From the ICP website, kindly select “Passport Information” and proceed to number entering.

Note: Always remember to choose >>> “Visa” as the type and never do mistake in forgetting it at all.

Step 3: Now, carefully enter your passport number on your document, also input the passport expiry date, and nationality respectively

Ensure that you check the expiration dates and put them correctly just the way it is.

Step 4: Complete the human verification prompt that will be displaying before you screen.

Step 5: Finally, click on the “Search” button to check your visa status with passport number via online portals!

This is simply how one can check his or her visa status with passport number via online portals

How can I check my current visa status USA online?

Here is the most popular guides on how to check the status of your immigrant or nonimmigrant visa application online using the USA. department of State’s Visa Status Check portal that’s available for all and sundry.

However, you’ll also need to enter your case number especially in other to be on a safe side.

Do this especially when you use the portal to check the current visa status USA online!

How can I check my visa is original or fake in Kuwait (In 10 minutes)?

To do this, make sure that you’re using the eVisa portal to check for the originality.

Once you’re there, input your passport and your e-visa reference numbers in the respective fields without mistake.

After inputting them successfully, Click ‘OK’ to submit your details, without delay.

Thats all, there and then, the system will display your e-visa status, including its validity for you to see.

That’s simply how to check for visa originality and validate it as well.



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